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13-04-2008 01:02:02

I am here to announce the new 5 credit site and our half credit site. These site will be here within the next two months. Meaning anytime within 60 days will be launching new sites. I am sure what the first two new site will be but I also want to launch a third site. I am highly pushing toward and iTunes site but I want to hear your opinions.

As for the 5 credit site, I will only be giving greens out to those who have cashed out with Moneybonanzas in the past. You must have cashed out at least $120 worth of referrals to get a free green. Please be sure to let your referrals know that a 5 credit site is incredibly hard to complete and to proceed with caution. As always your feedback is welcome.


14-04-2008 07:13:21

Can't wait!!! D


14-04-2008 19:38:46



25-04-2008 07:09:31

I have it!!!


28-04-2008 14:00:43

Wow you are everywhere now!
Yep you have all the sites and we are moving on adding more.

[quote976927af1b="kim1216"]I have it!!![/quote976927af1b]


01-05-2008 07:07:58

You know I will have that one too!!! Might as well sign me up now!!!!