April Posting and Promos

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31-03-2008 20:40:18

As we watch our site grow we look to plan more things for the site. We are proud to announce that we are planning to add two to three more sites. Also as of right now we are adding a payout date which will be the 1st of the month. That will bring our payout schedule to be the 1st, 12th, and 24th of every month. We are proud and sad to announce that our site will be removing free greens from 145.moneybonanzas.com. This has been up for discussion and is finally here. Well enough of the new and on to the promos.

We are going to pay our members a $75 for getting 2 referrals to complete all three of our site (cash, gifts, and 145). This offer will run from April 1st to April 30th.

1/4 credit is still being given out to your referral(s) on 145.moneybonanzas.com. Please keep in mind that the credit MUST be requested in a support ticket before they complete any offer.

We are also trying out a partial credit. The rules are that the referral must have completed one offer for cash, one credit for gifts, and 2 credits for 145 between April 1st & April 30th. The Payout will be $5 for cash, $12 for gifts, and $20 for 145.

As of right now those are the promos we plan to run right now. We should be adding promos as the days go on. Also we would love your feedback on the type of new sites you would like to see. Currently we are thinking of doing a 1/2 credit site that pays $20, a five credit site that pays $225, another 1 credit site, a gift card side, and a few other sites. Thanks for the support in our quest to be a top rated site.

List of our on going programs.f