Moneybonanza's March Posting and Promotions

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01-03-2008 17:59:06

We have a lot to talk about after a great month at Moneybonanzas. Once again we have had a bigger month and we would love to thank our members. I am excited about these promotions for the reason being that we had a post asking for suggestions and we had a huge and great response. Below are the details of our programs for the month. We will be adding promotions as we see fit. As always we will be paying all fees on payouts so when you cash out $120 you will get $120.

Post Contest
We are starting our promotions with a post contest Moneybonanza style. We are encouraging people to get our name out there. For each post you put for the site you will get 15 Bonanzas Bucks. For each response you get on that post you will gain and additional Bonanzas Buck.http//
For each person you convince to try the site from your post we will give another 10 Bonanzas Bucks. For complete rules please contact us.

Referral Challenge
We challenge everyone to get 30 referrals ( counts as 1, counts as 2 and counts as 3. For anyone who completes this task we will give you and Extra $150! This is not limited to one person so this will run for the entire month. Before taking on this challenge please contact us for complete rules.

The official announcement of Bonanzas Bucks!
The way this works is 10 Bonanza Bucks will equal $1.00. To cash out your Bonanza Bucks you will have to have 250 Bonanza Bucks which equals $25. The payment will be added to your pay out for the next scheduled pay out. Full detail can be located on this link. http//

1/4 Free credit for 145.Moneybonanza
We will be giving out 1/4 credit to your referrals. This is only for our site to increase your chances of having your referral go green easier and faster. We will be doing this for the month of March for now. The rules are the referral needs to submit a support ticket before they complete an offer on the site. If they have completed an offer we will not give them credit (no exceptions).

$45 dollar referral.
We will give you $45 dollars for your third referral. Meaning if you get three referrals I will make your third referral worth $45 (on For we will make that third referral worth $90.

Referral Recycle Program
It has been a rule that a referral can go green only once on each site. is looking to change this whole format. For the month of February we will let you referrals go green as many times as they possibly can. You can literally have one person green three times on a 1 credit site and get paid out as if you had three credits. You must put a support ticket in to have a referral open to become recycled. So its time to get all of your old referrals and get them to go green for you again.