Details On Three Credit Site

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23-01-2008 16:37:20

It is finally here and fully operational, our three(3) credit site (http// As always we are giving free greens away. This site pays an outstanding $145 per referral and can be repeated as many times as you can complete it. To make cashout simple we have only place one prize, custom order. We welcome on referral cash outs. I look forward to the new members and also our other sites have free greens as well.

To help those who are helping us we will be giving out 1/4 credit to your referrals which equals $10. This is only for our site to celebrate the launch of this site. We will be doing this until we give $1000 worth of credits away. This means that the first 100 referrals who ask will be able to claim this. This is our way to help your referrals go green. The rules are the referral needs to submit a support ticket before they complete an offer.

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