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11-01-2008 16:05:45

Hello everyone, I am trying to contact everyone to get their opinions on my site (MONEYBONANZAS.COM). I want to see what we are missing. What would make this site a top rated site from your point of view? We are open to all kind of ideas. Also if you are a user please let us know how your experience is with the site (good and bad).

We are also looking to run some great promotions but before we put them in play we would like your ideas. This is the time to be a part of a freebie network and see you're ideas and input come alive.

Our short term goal is to make a payout of $5000 dollars to our members. If we reach that goal I will personally (as the owner) make sure everyone involved in that process gets a great big thank you. If you have any questions those are welcome in this post as well.