January Postings

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06-01-2008 18:22:55

We are here to announce some great changes here on the site. To start off we have a new site (145.moneybonanzas.com). This site is a three credit site and it pays $145 per referral. Below are the new programs and promotions.

$1000 Give Away We will be giving out 1/4 credit to your referrals which equals $10. This is only for our site 145.moneybonanzas.com to celebrate the launch of this site. We will be doing this until we give the full $1000 away. This means that the first 100 referrals will be able to claim this. This is our way to help your referrals green. The rules are the referral needs to submit a support ticket before they complete an offer.

6 Dollar Cashout The 6 Dollar Cashout is to help users get paid for those referrals that disappear and don't complete. The rules are that the referral must have completed one offer and between January 1st & January 30th. If a user would like to cash out on the gifts site then their referral must complete 1 credit. If the referral completes 1 credit then the user can cashout for $12.
The first freebie savings account
We will be giving interest to the our members for now on just like a savings account. The way this will work is for every $1000 you cash out I will give you 5% (equaling $50). The cash outs will be the ones between January 12th, 2008 and December 24th, 2008. Your program will begin when you officially open your savings account (open a support ticket saying open savings account). The savings account is only valid for cash.moneybonanzas.com & gifts.moneybonanzas.com.