$350 football tournament

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11-12-2007 22:50:01


Hey all here are the standings from this week.

Credit Kickers 6 Vs. Under Doggs 12

Dallas Cowgirls 18 Vs. Bonanzas Buddies 0

TEAM 1 Credit Kickers
TEAM 2 Under Doggs
TEAM 3 Bonanzas Buddies
TEAM 4 Dallas Cowgirls.
Update These are the teams so far. Do we have any challengers?

It is football season and we feel we should incorporate that into our site. We are going to do a football tournament. We are only allowing the first 8 people who sign up. To join this huge contest you must have at least cashed out once on cash or gifts. The point scale will be exactly like football scoring. Every cash referral gone green will be 3 points and every gift will be a touchdown with an extra point, equaling 7 points. Each week the winner will move on until we reach the championship. Now the championship we be considered over time. The first to reach 25 will win. The winner of this tournament will win $350 dollars. The rules are only new referrals who signed up between December 1st. & December 31st will count. Submit a ticket saying you want to play football with your teams name and I will place all plays in the tournament. This will not begin until we have eight players but we will only take the first eight. GOOD LUCK TEAMS.


11-12-2007 22:51:14

We currently have zero teams so this is open to everyone. If I do not have eight teams by the end of the year I will have to cancel my first tournament (sad face).


12-12-2007 07:18:49

I'd join, but it's pointless if no one else will


12-12-2007 09:39:12

[quote642e145884="pqdrummer"]I'd join, but it's pointless if no one else will[/quote642e145884]

Well if you join and nobody else joins, I will do something special just for you. That goes for anyone who joins. Hey who knows I might start the contest with less people and give everyone a better chance to win.


14-12-2007 19:44:04

UPDATE There are 4 teams signed up leaving 4 spots. If anyone wants to join Sunday will be the last day.


20-12-2007 22:59:40