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30-11-2007 21:24:00

December Promotions, Announcement, & Updates

Announcements & Updates
We are proud to announce that we are officially on Not only are we announced on the site but we also have a forum dedicated to the site. Please go check us out and feel free to post as much as you like(we ask you to keep it positive).
Also in our quest to ensure that users lose less money to fraud, we will be monitoring new users as they complete their first offers. This won't eliminate the problem but we hope for it to limit the problem.

It is official, we will be launching a new site which will be a three credit site and have a $145 payout. This is one of the highest around and it is not a promotion it is the regular rate. The site as of right now is scheduled to launch on January 1st, 2008. Greens will be free for returning users and un-referred newbies.

Promotions. WIN 300 bucks
It is football season and we feel we should incorporate that into our site. We are going to do a football tournament. We are only allowing the first 8 people who sign up. To join this huge contest you must have at least cashed out once on cash or gifts. The point scale will be exactly like football scoring. Every cash referral gone green will be 3 points and every gift will be a touchdown with an extra point, equaling 7 points. Each week the winner will move on until we reach the championship. Now the championship we be considered over time. The first to reach 25 will win. The winner of this tournament will win $300 dollars. The rules are only new referrals who signed up between December 1st. & December 31st will count. Submit a ticket saying you want to play football with your teams name and I will place all plays in the tournament. This will not begin until we have eight players but we will only take the first eight. GOOD LUCK TEAMS.

Second promotion
As a trader in the freebie world know how much I hate not getting paid for a referral for because they didn't finish! So what we are doing for this month is anyone who signs up and completes one offer can be cashed out for 6 bucks. So if someone signs up completes an offer and disappears you can now get paid for their small amount of work. The rules are only new referrals who signed up between December 1st. & December 31st will count. All partial cash outs must be in by the end of December. All you need to do is send a ticket with the person's email and they will be marked used and the 6 dollars will be put into your account for your next cash out.


03-12-2007 22:10:18

Still room for people to come play football.


05-12-2007 12:47:01

How many do you have signed up for the football contest?


05-12-2007 13:16:39

[quote36bdc7c873="pqdrummer"]How many do you have signed up for the football contest?[/quote36bdc7c873]

Not enough. We still have room for people to join the contest. Would you like to join?