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28-11-2007 15:34:35

Hello everyone, I am here to introduce the NEW MONEYBONANZAS.COM. This site has been up for a few months but we are now trying to get back into the circle of the freebie world and become one of the top sites out. Feel free to leave your comments about your experience with the site and we will try to address all the responses.

Also let this be the official word, we give free greens for a life time (as long as you are brand new and unreferred). Questions can be posted here before you sign up. If you have some items you would like to see on the site we would love to hear from you. Also it is now official, there will be a three credit site added and we will be paying out $145 per green for the site. This is not a promotion; this will be the regular payout rate for the three credit site. The launch of the three credit site is scheduled for January 1st. 2008! There will be a fourth site added but it is up to you, the user on what kind of site you would like to see.

We hope to build your trust with our site and show that this is where your newbies belong. Look out for new promotions that can be added anytime during the month. Last but not least we will be working on New Letter for the forum and our members. So any topics you would like to be covered let us know. Well have fun with the site and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

http// 1 credit
http// 2 credit