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04-11-2007 09:01:31

First of all I would like to thank everyone that has signed up and taken advantage of our free green promotion, you all rock.
Second I would like to announce our second promotion as we continue to look to improve our network.
We currently have payments going out on the 25th of every month, we will soon be moving this to bi weekly then every Friday as the site grows with great users like you.
HOWEVER, As a promo for opening the site we are going to pay out the first[b89992b1f54] $1000 INSTANTLY ON APPROVAL (24-48 hours)[/b89992b1f54] This is going to run [b89992b1f54]THIS WEEK ONLY!! SUNDAY- 11/4 to SATURDAY - 11/10 at midnight.[/b89992b1f54] If you cash out this week, you'll be paid this week!! TO CLARIFY.. [b89992b1f54]THIS IS $1000 TOTAL THAT WILL BE PAID OUT THIS WEEK TO WHO EVER CASHES OUT WITH IT, IT COULD BE 1 CASHOUT OF $1000 OR 5 DIFFERENT USERS THAT TOTALS $1000. [/b89992b1f54]
We've also added a 1 referral cash-out for THIS WEEK ONLY. ALSO as an incentive to the first person who cashes out this week with minimum of 3 referrals, we'll be giving you and extra $50 just for cashing out! Make sure you inform your ref's properly and train them well, we'll be checking for fraud extensively, if you aren't doing anything wrong, and your referrals aren't either, you've got NOTHING to worry about.
People, we WANT to pay you!! there is $1000 up for grabs this week.. get after it!!!
[b89992b1f54]TO RECAP-
$1000 to be paid out this week!!
1 Referrall cashout added
First cashout with 3 ref's will get extra $50[/b89992b1f54]

TRAIN YOUR REFERRALS.. here are some tips


05-11-2007 08:50:01

Bump this thread.. PM me with any questions.


08-11-2007 10:06:32

Hey everyone! We have about 25 free greens still left to give out, and still plenty of cash we are lookiong to payout! Sign up and get on this! if everything isn't won this week we'll just have to keep going till someone gets it all! Then on to the next promo.. please PM, IM or support ticket with any questions you might have!!