We're open! FREE GREENS to the first 100 un-referred signups

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=70804


29-10-2007 09:39:55

The first of many Prize Carnival Network sites is live. My name's Ken, and I'm one of the network owners. Go to the network site (www.prizecarnival.net), or directly to the prize site (www.prizecarnival.com) and start cashing out!

We're running a promotion for our launch the first 100 un-referred signups will get a FREE GREEN. Just sign up and open a support ticket requesting your green.

We're also currently paying out $45 per referral!

If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions please let us know.

You can reach us via a support ticket, email= email=support@prizecarnival.netsupport@prizecarnival.net email=support@prizecarnival.netsupport@prizecarnival.net/email, or on AIM carnivalsupport and YIM prizecarnival

We have a lot more up our sleeve for the near future, including more sites, promotions, and innovative ideas. Keep coming back for more.

Happy trading


29-10-2007 09:49:55

Ken ya beat me to it!! I was just about to post that we are LIVE!! Check the site out, if you sign up UN-REFERRED and you are in the first 100 people we'll set you up with a free green! hmm now where have we seen this promotion before... )
Remember, to get your free green, you must register UN-REFERRED, then please open a support ticket and we'll green you!

As Ken said, look for more promotions, sites, ideas.. all that.
If you have any ideas for promotions or site or stuff you'd like to see, please let us know!



29-10-2007 09:57:10

Are all your offers full credit? I don't see where it says how much their worth..?? How fast do you ship?

I like the design.


29-10-2007 10:13:41

All offers are weighed differently. The external page of offers doesn't show the worth of the offers. Once registered you can see how much each is worth. We may be changing that though. Most of the offers fall in the 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3 categories.

We're currently paying/shipping on a Net25 schedule. Because of the fraud rate right now, we have to set it that way. However, that would be the worst case scenario. We will ship before that date, once our fraud team shows an order is legit. Also, shipments will go out faster for proven members who have ordered previously. Our goal is to get it to you as soon as we can.


29-10-2007 11:07:01

Yeah, I would change that if I were you guys. It helps to be able to see what each offer is worth towards the full credit required before registering on the site.


29-10-2007 11:12:42

Thanks, We will do that for sure.
In the meantime I can put up a list here.


29-10-2007 14:42:05

[quote53a7a6a640="jeagle82"]Yeah, I would change that if I were you guys. It helps to be able to see what each offer is worth towards the full credit required before registering on the site.[/quote53a7a6a640]

done... thanks for the input. you can now see the offer worth on the un-registered page.


29-10-2007 18:33:19

We've also just re-weighted the offers and bumped them up so its easier for your ref's to green!


29-10-2007 22:12:10

any more out there? we still have some available )


31-10-2007 19:01:23

We still have greens available folks! PM with any questions


01-11-2007 19:03:53

Still available, cmon people. PM me if you have any questions or feel free to AIM me as well, Love to help you