and another fast cashout you guys rock

Live forum:


21-05-2008 19:54:49

within an hour or so.
you guys rock
Dear Chris stanaford,

The Free Spree just sent you money with PayPal.

The Free Spree is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details
Amount $120.00 USD
Transaction ID
Subject Congratulations!
Note Please post a proof pic in the forum of your choice (FLR, A4F, FiPG)!
Custom Note Thank you for your participation in TheFreeSpree. Enjoy your prize!


21-05-2008 19:56:27

Damn Chris you've been making a killing lately. Nice work.



21-05-2008 19:57:37

its an awesome site credits fast and with one offers with there promo right now check it out


21-05-2008 20:21:28

Congrats, and thank you !!

sandra habina

26-05-2008 09:42:17

You are doing GREAT Chris - thank you for your continued support

It is wonderful members like you that help us all to benefit so much.
Plus you are a great friend indeed.

Congrats on these fast payouts girl - go get 'em!

miss edie

29-05-2008 04:38:28

[b5e4ae9f5f8]CONGRATS,AWESOME JOB!![/b5e4ae9f5f8]
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29-05-2008 08:34:09

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