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07-04-2008 20:02:04

Hi everyone, looks like we're back at it again!

This next promo will be VERY hot
For the next week, we have [bf0a5d74069]bumped up a lot of our offers[/bf0a5d74069], as well as added quite a few new ones!
This will make getting referrals EVEN easier as you can green for an offer that costs a mere $1.95!

If this stays hot, we may extend this promo even longer!!
Go ahead and check out the list here

Furthermore, for those of you who missed out on the free green promo, I will allow the next 3 unreferred people with a TR higher than 50 to receive a free green on this forum. Just open a support ticket along with a PM proving that you're requesting the free green.

[bf0a5d74069]So as a recap[/bf0a5d74069]
1) Higher credits
2) Free Green if eligible
and theres more to come!

Additionally, for those of you unfamiliar with our network
[uf0a5d74069]We offer extensive support[/uf0a5d74069], just ask anyone who is currently signed up with us!
Our newest support rep [bf0a5d74069]Sandy Habina[/bf0a5d74069] is always willing to help, and of course Matt and I will and always have been able to take care of every situation.
We ship daily! That's right, no need to wait weeks for your order to be processed.
Want a cash option? Just choose custom order and we'll be able to process it with your order.
We are "Forever green" and you can order unlimited times.
We are at a $40/referral ratio.
We opened back in October of 2007 and have been making our way up since!

If you have any questions, feel free to
1) Open a support ticket
2) Contact us via email= at support@thefreespree.com[ at [email]support@thefreespree.com
3) Use the live chat service on the site
4) Contact us on aim directly via one of the following screenames
-->FreeSpree Samad
-->FreeSpree Matt
-->FreeSpree Sandy

Hope you enjoy the promo, and remember that there's still more to come!

-TheFreeSpree Staff


08-04-2008 08:36:58

wow the offer credits are higher now and its is so much easier to green. thankyou freespree for making a good site better


09-04-2008 21:32:18

This promo is going HOT!