First Spring Promo

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26-03-2008 20:51:57

Hello everybody!

I know you've all been looking forward to a promo, so heres a small kickoff to what we have in store for the near future.
The next 10 un-referred people on this forum will receive a free green[/colorc94a528ec9][/sizec94a528ec9] when they open a support ticket saying "I would like a free green!" along with their forum username and the forum they belong to.
This will then of course allow your offer requirements to be waived.

Be on the lookout for more to come!

-TheFreeSpree Staff


26-03-2008 21:04:58

thanks for the free spring green I have heard alot of good about this site,,in fact i am going to start promoting it now..i want to get in on this awesome site!!! ty again for my spring green --terry


26-03-2008 21:09:52

Sounds great!
We look forward to having you as a customer.

sandra habina

26-03-2008 23:49:20

Welcome Terry and many other new traders. Spaces are filling up - just sign up unreferred and submit a support ticket with your forum name and your username and I will credit your free SPRING green.

Congrats to you all and I look forward to chatting with you on theFreeSpree site. )


27-03-2008 07:36:47

Just signed up - Ref #529.

How much is one ref worth here? )


27-03-2008 08:38:11

Thanks for the free green. D


27-03-2008 11:53:58

[quote36015a855f="babetran"]Just signed up - Ref #529.

How much is one ref worth here? )[/quote36015a855f]
Our current site is at a $40/referral ratio.


27-03-2008 13:43:39

Thanks for the free green.

sandra habina

27-03-2008 22:38:00

Babetran, and Denise you are very welcome. Looking forward to working with you.

There are still a few free Spring greens left. Just put in a support ticket with your user name and forum. )


28-03-2008 07:46:22

Got my fre green too, woo hoo, can't wait to start getting referrals on it. Thanks


30-03-2008 18:08:35

Looking to get my free green to and start promoting!


30-03-2008 18:59:48

Just open a support ticket with your username and the request and we'll take care of it from there!


31-03-2008 17:56:35

Still got a few left!


01-04-2008 13:40:23

Hey everyone. We still have a few greens left.
We're just waiting for them to finish up so we can roll out with our next promo so sign up soon!
If you're still looking for a free green, please hurry as only a few are left.
Happy April Fools day everyone.

-TheFreeSpree Staff


01-04-2008 14:39:31

Just signed up for the free green. My ref number is 558.


02-04-2008 13:59:33

okay I am sumitting it right now my reff number is 326


03-04-2008 19:06:42



06-04-2008 10:27:54

Hi everyone.
We have ONE green left to either this forum or FLR.
The next person (whoever it may be) to open up a ticket requesting a free green will receive it!
Shortly after, we'll be posting information to a new promotion.

Take care.

-TheFreeSpree Staff


06-04-2008 19:28:08

I just sent my support ticket, I hope I grab the last free green )


06-04-2008 19:46:36

[quotef3a0ec4ff6="ChrisDeals"]I just sent my support ticket, I hope I grab the last free green )[/quotef3a0ec4ff6]
Yeap! You got the last one, congrats!!

Ok everyone, that wraps up all our free greens!
We'll post shortly with the new promo that's coming up =].
Take care and we hope you enjoy our network.

-TheFreeSpree Staff