Credit values bumped up and a sum up of things!

Live forum:


03-01-2008 18:43:59

Hey everyone!
Glad to see some of you are signing up.
Just wanted to make sure you all know Matt and I are available on aim almost all the time.
You may contact us through the "live chat" feature by clicking the tab on the front page or adding "FreeSpree Samad" and "FreeSpree Matt" to your buddy lists. If you don't have the Aim Client, then you can go ahead and just use our live chat on the site.
We're working on making this a little more visible.

Also, check out some of the offers we have up and their credit values!
You may notice that a few of them [b132ae6e3c5]have been bumped up [/b132ae6e3c5]and are higher than most other sites.

For example, Video professor has now been bumped up to 1 credit!
Yahoo Search Engine Success is another low cost 1 credit offer (this offer is very hot! Sign up while it's still at 1 credit!)
A few more offers will be bumped up by tomorrow night. We're looking forward to having Tickle IQ as a full credit, and hopefully another cheap Tickle test up too!
Bargain homes is a cheap $1 offer that is worth 1/2 credit.

Within the next two days We'll try to post some more offers that have been up so be on the lookout.
Also, we'll be releasing a promo soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that as well.

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and look forward to the following year.
Please be sure to let us know if you need anything.
Thank you.

-Samad & Matt


21-01-2008 11:08:07

Added some more offers!
We now have 12 full credit offers, many of which are extremely low cost.