Free $25 offer from Goodies Network , Excellent offer

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Goodies Network

15-05-2008 16:36:49

Goodies Network has a great promotion going on from now until the end of June. Sign up for any of our sites and cash out and we will give you $25 free in addition to your gift. Just send us support ticket after cash out and put FreeiPodGuide promo or post on this forum. As always we are avaible 24/7 for help. At Goodies Network we are committed in providing excellent customer service. We will even help you choose offers that won't cost you a cent. That's right you can get your free gifts without paying anything. Just contact us on aim and we will let you know how. Our aim screename is GoodiesNtwrk. We guarantee that you can get your gift for free without paying anything and just refereing people to do the same. Contact us via aim today and we will let you know how. Thanks