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02-09-2007 11:56:32

Its that time for a liPROMOTIONli !

The first 20 people who sign up to any of our refferal sites will receive a free 1 CREDIT!!!! [/colord7d174d480] D D D

Then all you have to do is go and get some refferals!

And finally the Mp3 and Gaming site's are up and running, most of the gifts only require 2 refferals. Here are the 2 links


like always after approval we will ship your gift out in 24 hours!



06-09-2007 19:17:25

Hey, i signed up and i'm registered but i try to login and i get this

Warning Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/informal/public_html/smarty/templates_c/%%F7^F7F^F7F34188%%header.tpl.php6) in /home/informal/public_html/mp3/register.php on line 119

Goodies Network

07-09-2007 03:34:04

Sorry about that, the problem is now fixed. Please post your email so we can add a free credit to your account.



07-09-2007 09:44:12

are there free greens left?

Goodies Network

07-09-2007 10:09:12

yup, first 20 people to post their email address in here that they used to sign up with on one of our sites gets a free credit, on the refferal sites.


07-09-2007 13:26:13

email==tdunham02@comcast.nettdunham02@comcast.net=tdunham02@comcast.nettdunham02@comcast.net/email, signed up for both sites!

Goodies Network

07-09-2007 19:41:04

offer credited to one of the sites, our promotion only works for (1) site. I have credited one of your accounts with 1 free credit!! Enjoy!

19 spots left for a free credit!


11-09-2007 18:19:31

I signed up for the game site! email==chinezegangsta39@yahoo.comchinezegangsta39@yahoo.com=chinezegangsta39@yahoo.comchinezegangsta39@yahoo.com/email

Goodies Network

11-09-2007 20:23:02

Just issued your account with a free credit! 18 spots left!


12-09-2007 06:36:58

I signed up to the mp3 site, my email= address is email=christy271987@yahoo.comchristy271987@yahoo.com address is email=christy271987@yahoo.comchristy271987@yahoo.com/email, thank you )

Goodies Network

12-09-2007 12:19:27

Just issued your account with a free credit! 17 spots left now!


14-09-2007 07:15:38

do you do custom/paypal orders?

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15-09-2007 14:58:54

yes we do, just send a support ticket for a custom gift.


15-09-2007 15:23:30

signed up on mp3 with email==junkie4boost@gmail.comjunkie4boost@gmail.com=junkie4boost@gmail.comjunkie4boost@gmail.com/email

Goodies Network

16-09-2007 15:34:28

Just issued your account with a free credit! 16 spots left now!
Sign up quick!


29-09-2007 23:51:49

Signed up on MP3 #100. Free Green please.


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30-09-2007 11:15:55

Just issued your account with a free credit!

15 spots left!! for a FREE credit, all you have to do is sign up to one of our sites!!