New Updates, New Offers!

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30-08-2007 15:28:33

Fellow Users please take time to read over this VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!

I have many happy announcements to make but also have some important information enclosed in this email.

Today, we are adding from 25-50 more offers! We are happy to announce this and some of these offers are available now but all will be available by tomorrow evening! These offers range from free trials to money back guarantees! This are what all you users and what your referrals have been looking for.

As most of you know, we have not accepted manual credit requests. As of tomorrow evening, we will be accepting offers for CERTAIN offers. If you do not receive credit for an offer please submit a manual credit request and we will send it to our affiliate if our affiliate allows manual credit request for that offer. If your credit is immediately denied, then it means that it does not qualify for manual credit. If it does, it will say "Sent to affiliate".

Also, remember that we still have the DS Lite promotion going on for a few more weeks so jump in on that. You can see the updated leader board on our home page under the "About Us" tab. Remember to get as many referrals as you possibly can!

Remember also that we do allow you to complete the site multiple times. All you have to do is submit a support ticket and we will happily reset your account.


I have had to put SEVERAL accounts on hold for multiple offer completions, matching IP's, and duplicate addresses. You should all know that this is a BIG NO NO and is a clear violation of our TOS. Please take time to read the TOS AGAIN to refresh your memory. Also, we will randomly be making phone calls to confirm your orders after you have been approved. Today, I spoke with someone who I thought submitted an order. I was ready to pay him after he confirmed his information but he reported to me that he had his credit card stolen. This is becoming a big issue in the freebie world and it will not be tolerated and will/is being prosecuted to the fullest extent.

A couple more things. If you are not getting credits, be sure to clear your cookies, lower your security setting, and restart your browser before EVERY offer completion. Also, I recommend Firefox.

Keep your eyes open in this next month for us to release 4 more sites! Payments are delayed at the moment and should be sent out Monday. They are delayed due to the recent fraud and the reversals that we are receiving from our affiliates.

Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, aim, or support ticket.

Thanks for your time,