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22-08-2007 00:07:33

Yes, we are having 2 Promotions at ONCE!

Here is the deal

Sign up on our site and complete one of the following offers and you will be entered into a drawing with a 50% chance of winning a prize! If you are signed up unreferred, it counts as your offer completion!!! )

EasyForex Trading[/bf307afec91][/colorf307afec91][/sizef307afec91]

Here is how it will break down

[bf307afec91]1. User 1
2. User 2
3. User 3
4. User 4[/bf307afec91]

1st Prize $100 Giftcard of YOUR Choice!
2nd Prize $25 Giftcard of YOUR Choice![/colorf307afec91]

If there are 8 users, we make 2 groups with the same prize amounts given out to each group!

If we have more, then we will add more groups!

You must sign up as a user on our site (if you are already a user, go ahead and complete it under your account). If you are a referral for someone, the offer will [bf307afec91]NOT COUNT[/bf307afec91] as a referral. If you have already done Vonage, select a combination of offers and send it to either me or chrome via support ticket, AIM or PM and we will let you know if it will qualify you for the raffle!

You have a 50/50[/sizef307afec91] chance of winning a GC!

Once you sign think you have completed the offer, post here with your ref ID and we will verify it for you and update the list )

The order of the completion is the order of the lists.



23-08-2007 21:58:35

We need at least 4 users to participate in order for this raffle to happen. I decided to keep it a CONSTANT raffle with no end date unless the vonage offer goes down.

Once one group of 4 is filled, we will do a drawing.