DS LITE Promotion Leader Board!

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20-08-2007 20:06:11

Ref #18 - 10 Referrals! [/color39e18cb48c]

Ref #7 - 7 Referrals![/color39e18cb48c]

Ref #69 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #138 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #155 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #149 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #93 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #3 - 3 Referrals!

Ref #114 - 3 Referrals!

We have an offer named EasyForex trading that only cost $50 and pays out 2 Full Credits! That is $80!

Get it while its hot!

[b39e18cb48c]UPDATED 1230 AM AUGUST 25th[/b39e18cb48c]


20-08-2007 22:59:58

Those stats are as of midnight, august 21st


22-08-2007 11:39:53

You might need to update that again ; )


26-08-2007 20:18:11

Updated. If you feel like you have more refs, please let me know. Thanks.

Also, I am just going to update the top 3 referrals that the next closest (as you can see).

Let me know if anything need to be corrected.


07-09-2007 12:46:54

This is over in less than 12 hours and I will personally Send you an email or support ticket if you win the promotion. You will need to specify where to send the ds lite or paypal if oyu prefer that.

Keep your eyes open )


07-09-2007 23:52:07

opens eyes.


08-09-2007 15:51:20

This is now over.

Congratulations to Ref # 18 and 7.

Please check your support tickets for more information. Thanks.

We are working on another promotion and are working on adding 3 new sites at the end of the month.


08-09-2007 18:01:05

wow, congrats to the winners@!!


09-09-2007 10:24:24

Blah..I totally forgot about it.
I realize like 4 hours after it ended that their was a promo I was supposed to win.
Ah well, Guess I gotta wait for the next one!