Problem with "Meeting the Requirements"

Live forum:


18-08-2007 18:36:20

For some reason, there is an error in the script that states " You have met the offer requirements" whether you sign up referred or un referred.

This is a huge problem because most of you are thinking that we are giving away free greens when you sign up unreferred.

Please disregard this part of your status page and continue to complete 1 full credit.

Upon doing so, it will show up on our end and also on your status page. If you have anymore questions, feel free to send in a support ticket or send us a support email.




19-08-2007 20:43:01

This error is now fixed. We are giving away 15 free greens so jump on that. Check out the other thread in our forum.


19-08-2007 21:42:21

lijumps on itli

sandra habina

26-08-2007 02:24:45

Yes I got mine also. Thankyou