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18-08-2007 09:43:24

lililiInstead of closing the site, we are going to ask that after you complete an offer, please send in a support ticket so that we can verify your offer completion asap... we are not giving out free greens, so please disregard the green when you first sign up... we will fix this shortlylilili

Whatís up fellow FIPG users?

Over the last month or so, my buddy Chrome89K and I have been working on a little project. Well, we are proud to announce a new look to the freebie world. Today, we have launched [beb1b86e5d8][/beb1b86e5d8], a freebie site specifically revolved around [beb1b86e5d8]promotions[/beb1b86e5d8] and the importance of the members of our site.

So why the name GottabeVip? Well itís quite simple. Every month, there are going to be promotions that will allow you to be a very important person. The users who have amassed the most referrals throughout the months with [beb1b86e5d8]lililihuge prizes given out to top members EVERY MONTH!lilili[/beb1b86e5d8] Promotions can range from just a simple green to hundreds of dollars in cash or gift prizes!

Chrome and I are very knowledgeable of how freebies work and we believe that we are fit to run a successful freebie site. So what kind of promotions are we running at launch?

To start out --- a HUGE MAJORITY OF 1/2 credit offers from other sites will be featured as [beb1b86e5d8]FULL CREDIT[/beb1b86e5d8] offers for the first week. ( SO GET IT WHILE ITS HOT!), but along with that, we are giving away a [beb1b86e5d8]lililiFREE DSlite[/beb1b86e5d8] ( 0 REFERRALS NEEDED)lilili to the users with the most referrals (At least 5 referrals) over the course of 3 weeks who have submitted for approval! Thatís right, a [beb1b86e5d8]BRAND SPANKIN NEW DS LITE[/beb1b86e5d8] absolutely free lililiADDEDlilili onto your order ( if you have a referral go on hold, the next person to submit for approval will be put in your place). This is only a tiny fraction of what you are going to see from GottaBeVip.

So how are we different from many of the other new sites that you see appearing out of nowhere daily?

1. We are not new to the freebie scene and we have excellent status on A4F and FIPG.
2. We have our own forum here for support along with support tickets, email support, and 12 hour phone support!
3. We will soon be a LLC (Limited Liability Company) around a month or so after our launch.
4. We donít pay our users when our affiliates pay us. We have funds saved to where we can send out payments soon after your account has been approved.
5. We approve accounts within 2-4 business days and ship 3-5 days after approval.
6. [beb1b86e5d8]lililiWe count your Ĺ credits so you do not have to worry about referrals that cannot get more than Ĺ credits.lilili[/beb1b86e5d8]
7. Our users are our main concern so we take our site seriously. GottaBeVip is our job and our users are our first priority.

We hope you try our site and take advantage of this awesome promotion! There will be many more promotions to come so keep your eyes open for updates and promotions in this upcoming month!


We are open to suggestions and comments so feel free to post here or PM Chrome89k or zr2152. Thanks and enjoy!

-zr2152 and Chrome89k


1. Tons and Tons of full credit offers available that would normally be fractional credits elsewhere

2. FREE BRAND NEW DS LITE for the top three referral getters (over 5 referrals) THE RACE IS ON!

3. Lightning speed approval for all you guys who pay on approval. STAY SAFE, make sure your greeners are LEGIT!

4. Have some of your greeners abandoned ship? Dont worry, even if they have a 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 credit completion, that can add onto another fractional greener. THAT JUST SAVED YOU SOME HARD EARNED MONEY BABY![/coloreb1b86e5d8][/beb1b86e5d8]


18-08-2007 10:37:07

Awesome site! Crediting is amazingly fast and the promo's are looking good!
I'm paying if people want to sign up under someone !!
PM me.[/b17fa505fd8]


18-08-2007 15:48:31

[quotee5abd726c0="samz465"]Awesome site! Crediting is amazingly fast and the promo's are looking good!
I'm paying if people want to sign up under someone !!
PM me.[/be5abd726c0][/quotee5abd726c0]

Thank you.

Also, please remember that we do have 12 hour phone support (the numbers can be found in the TOS).

Here they are anyways.

900AM to 900PM

440-452-3370 - Zach

845-536-0168- Tyler


19-08-2007 00:09:17

If i can get a free green i am good to go = 0


19-08-2007 18:05:50

FREE GREENS FOR FIRST 15 to signup, and send in a support ticket saying ur Name, and Username on forum


26-08-2007 18:05:17

are there still spots open for the free green?!


26-08-2007 18:59:05

I am sorry, we are no longer giving away promotional greens. You can still jump on both of our promotions though )

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.