Woooho!!!!! No LV, No GC, A CHECK! for $250. : )...

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28-03-2005 17:15:12

alright. that works for me. ) I was one of the shipped on the 1/27th people.

i was looking forward to having something i wouldn't buy in a million years, but this is good too. i'll use it to pay my taxes. ).


28-03-2005 17:46:20

congrats!! I ordered the LV too but I havent received nothing (. I went shipped but then STV again 2/8


28-03-2005 19:22:00

where do you guys live? im waiting for my lv check i guess -D cali here.


28-03-2005 19:22:55

I live in Los Angeles Cali and I got it today. Youll get it soon


28-03-2005 19:55:36

tomorrow i hope licrosses fingersli


29-03-2005 08:57:13

I also received my $250 check from Gratis Internet today too!!!!!!!!!!! This is even better than a gift card!!! Awesome! Maybe I'll order a Coach bag now that I wanted, or buy some new shoes... ahh! I was originally STV back in Jan. and "shipped" 1/27. Okay anyways, here's what the letter stated

[quote292f9bca23]Dear Freehandbags.com customer,

Thank you for your interest in our site.

You recently ordered either a Louis Vuitton or Dior handbag from our freehandbags.com site. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen problem with supplies of Louis Vuitton and Dior handbags, Gratis Internet has not been able to acquire the bags in a suitably short timeframe.

Rather than have you wait an additional indeterminate amount of time, we felt that it would make more sense and better serve you, the customer, to resolve this delay as fast as possible. In that regard, we are enclosing a check for $250.00 to cover the retail price of the handbag at such an establishment. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope that you can understand that inventory and supply can be difficut challenges, and unfortunately do not work perfectly 100% of the time.

Please note that receipt and cashing of this check is in complete substitution of receiving a handbag from Freehandbags.com and fufills our order requirement to you as a Freehandbags.com customer as receipt of product. All of Freehandbags.com Terms and Conditions still apply; users may only received one (1) free item per account and there can only be one account per shipping address.

Thank you for participating in our free site and feel free to contact us by replying to us at lililililili@gratisinternet.com if you have any questions.


The Fulfillment Department[/quote292f9bca23]
etc. etc.

YAY!!! Totally worth the wait! Congrats to everyone else who got the check!! )


29-03-2005 09:13:45

Fuck... Only the LV and Dior!?( Stupid Fendi! I hope I get something similar though!


29-03-2005 14:05:48

Yes! Got mine today, Gratis totally saved their reputation to me with this one. Hooray!


29-03-2005 15:22:24

[quotefade0837ec="JOSHBOX"]Yes! Got mine today, Gratis totally saved their reputation to me with this one. Hooray![/quotefade0837ec]

I'm sure they were super worried roll