Called eFulfillment.....

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28-03-2005 13:34:17

Just got off the phone with a VERY pleasant lady at eFulfillment who confirmed that they're Gratis' vendor. When asked when the PSPs were coming in, she was clueless and said "You'd have to call whoever you ordered from for that." Well, I hope they get them soon. OC has shipped, why can't Gratis?? I'm going to call back and inquire about Mac Minis from FreeMiniMacs.


28-03-2005 13:54:07

I'm assuming if this happened somebody would have posted something about it, but has anybody gone STV yet or are we all still processing? Personally i hope not because if some of you go STV then that means i missed the first shipment since i'm still processing.

But yeah since OC shipped you'd think gratis wouldnt be too far behind. There was a rumor going around the forums that it would be today but so far its not looking like thats gonna be true.


28-03-2005 13:55:13

Gratis finally approved people for FreeIpodShuffle after weeks with no activity. I was hoping they would of done something with FreePSPs and send people to STV.


28-03-2005 14:03:22

if you have to wonder whether or not people will post the instant that they get STV, and after youve been around here for close to 200 posts, you have to be the biggest moron ever.

as soon as any notable activity WHATSOEVER happens, there will be dozens of posts where everyone confirms that it has indeed happened. Until you notice something like that, don't bother asking if anyone has made progress with their accounts.


28-03-2005 14:04:21

That right? So it's just a regular hold-up on all of their sites? I've been waiting for a STV on freephotoipods for almost three weeks!


28-03-2005 21:05:45

yeah i think gratis is backed up on all new people signing up and new sites they brought out...even the offers take longer than expected