Approved! Next STV date?

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28-03-2005 09:49:06

I just got approved and placed my order for my free 60GB iPod photo and have now earned the status of Processing. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea when the next STV date is. I really can't wait till I get it...


28-03-2005 09:59:46

The last STV was 3/8, so hopefully the next won't be too far away. I've been processing for over 2 weeks now...


28-03-2005 13:02:21

I just went Processing today too. I think the next STV will be soon D


28-03-2005 14:03:18

tomorrow makes it three weeks since I went to processing, 6.something sice I got my tenth green. Still nothing.



28-03-2005 19:52:46

I was waiting to be approved for three weeks! I just went approved today and now I'm processing. Hopefully the STV dates aren't too far behind. I think some of this wait may have to do with Gratis making the offers available to other countries.


29-03-2005 05:46:54

This is just an estimate, but StVs generally come every 3 weeks or so for freephotoipods and today is exactly 3 weeks since the last, it must be soon..I hope.


29-03-2005 05:51:21

We can hope, can't we?

What time do the STVs occur? I can't remember the time on my original iPod account.


29-03-2005 10:41:07

I went for approval today


29-03-2005 11:41:20

As of 332 today (that's in 48 minutes), I'll have been Processing for three full weeks.


29-03-2005 18:06:34

Well, so much for the 3 weeks between STVs. Maybe it'll be tomorrow.


30-03-2005 16:09:16

Just checked and status is now
Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product



30-03-2005 16:21:49


Same here!

64500 PM
status - Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product


30-03-2005 16:40:27

Mine is still processing evil I was approved three days ago. I thought it would be STV in this batch. That sucks.


30-03-2005 17:26:48

same here....damnit...i hope maybe later 2nite i'll go STV...haha