Problems with offer?

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28-03-2005 08:19:38

I signed up saturday night for the offer and still havent received any credit. it says its suppose to be an instant offer so im wondering if im the only one having problems?


28-03-2005 08:58:35

gratis offers have been taking longer to turn green lately even if they say instant.


28-03-2005 10:11:42

oh ok...just wanted to make sure it just wasnt me


28-03-2005 10:13:19

it's not you nor gratis... fucks you over. cancel now or you're gonna be charged $40 and you'll never get credit. i learned the hard way (


28-03-2005 10:43:07

yeah i heard the trial is 24hrs and then they charge you...


28-03-2005 11:32:39

Yes, cancel the in like 14-20 hours after yo sign up - because if you don't cancel after 24 hours, tey cahrge you $37 or soemthng like that, thats freaking stupid, they don't even ask, stupid website doesn't even have anythign good.


28-03-2005 11:48:02

I used a webcert with $5 on it and got credit a day later...


28-03-2005 12:18:37

it went through a little while ago...i better cancel it now before i forget. thanks guys


31-03-2005 19:24:42 has been a great offer to me. it says it is a 24 hour trial. as with all trials, if you don't cancel, they'll charge you. So far 3 of my referals have done it and gotten credited, one more plans on doing it, and i plan on doing it too.


31-03-2005 22:47:48

I just did this one, browsed the site, found a horrible interface and little content. I can't imagine what they are thinking charging 40 a month for this useless garbage. Cancelled 30 minutes afterwards but having browsed the site the whole time, wrote them up some pointers, really interested to see if I'll get credited for this but I didn't want to forget to cancel tomorrow and get charged. Plus whats the use, they have my money and they must know they are just scamming people... Is there really a market for a site like this? Can you not just read the classifieds in the paper to get this information...


01-04-2005 00:49:18

yeah a lot of people wants to do that offer cause its only $1 but most of them dont know that the trial is only