Has anyone got any greens today?

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28-03-2005 07:46:48

Some of my referrals should be coming up as green soon/now, but I know Gratis only process offers on working days - is Easter Monday a holiday in the US? (I'm UK btw)


28-03-2005 07:59:25

I had a referral go green on Easter Sunday


28-03-2005 09:40:58

I still aint got any referrals, someone please give me a referral.


28-03-2005 09:42:23

lol, nobody here can help you. but PM me if you need help, and ill see what I can do with my site, if you do something for me. )

I'm waiting for my freeipods.com account to be approved...taking a while.


28-03-2005 10:29:18

i haven't got any greens today... i should have had them green last week... they just... aren't... going!

and i need my mac mini NOW


28-03-2005 12:14:05

They must be working today, I just went STV.


28-03-2005 13:22:11

My aunt did video professor for me today and it went green today as well.