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28-03-2005 00:22:40

Has anyone tried tfree I'm kind of wary of's only 3.95 if you cancel within 24 hours..but what if i don't get the credit within those 24 hours? I would love to hear some feedback about this one.. if you could let me know, i would be so thankful! D


28-03-2005 07:26:25

It works, just took 2 days to get credit for me. Cancelled within a day of signing up using their online cancellation form. I didn't like the site at all, not an extensive amount of stuff on their, definitely not worth the money.


29-03-2005 10:23:58

I was very happy with that offer, very easy trial offer - and only $1 for next day credit for me!


08-04-2005 00:45:00

it's good.


08-04-2005 01:54:26

Probably one of the easier ones IMO.


13-04-2005 17:51:16

i got credit for signing up there and I cancelled within 24 hours.


14-04-2005 06:59:45

I did that offer and it costed me like 3.95 which is that big of a deal for doing an offer to get any of this free stuff. I cancelled because I did not like their service and they really did not have that much stuff. At least they did not hasle me when I canceled cause its just an online form that you fill out.

However when doing this offer make sure that you only sign up for cause when your checking out there is two little boxes down there for different sites. Make sure they're not checked or youll get signed up for those ones too.


21-04-2005 23:30:32

I got credit and it was a crappy service.
It just tells you where the auctions are at,
no actuall online auctions.


26-04-2005 12:52:48

$5 not $1


26-04-2005 13:04:07 it's a good offer, just $3.95 - the site doesn't have good stuff (the site sucks) IF you don't cancel in 24 hours they will charge you like $34.

It's easy to cancel. somtimes you get green in like 10 minutes, sometimes in like 2 hours and sometimes in like 2 or 3 days.