Moving soon, what to do?

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27-03-2005 16:01:34

Hi all,

I'm just waiting on my last referral to turn green now (probably a day or two) and I'm wondering what to do about shipping. I'm currently at my college dorm but it's only for another month and a half. Will this be enough time for Gratis to approve, process, and ship the item and have me receive it? I'm not sure and I don't want to have them ship the item here with me gone for the summer -/ What should I do in this situation?

Thanks in advance,


27-03-2005 17:28:42

I'm in a similar situation. I'm moving to Florida soon and I am currently processing. I hope I get it before I move in a few weeks...


27-03-2005 21:56:50

If you still have a month and are currently requesting approval/approved and on you will get it in time.