My order number theory...

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27-03-2005 07:53:46

Since everyone seems to be wondering how many psps have been ordered to date, I'll throw this out...

Could the last 3 numbers of our order number correspond with the number of psps that have been ordered? For example, if my number ended with 100, would I be the 100th person to have ordered my psp?

What do you guys think?


27-03-2005 08:32:23

Order numbers are not PSP exclusive. Every time an order is placed, it's sequential, no matter if it's freePSPs, freedesktoppc, freeflatscreen, whatever) I don't think we can find out only the PSP orders just from the numbers.


27-03-2005 09:17:54

oh darn, I was hoping it was psp exclusive (


27-03-2005 12:38:55

I think it was like that before, back when there were only 2 or 3 gratis sites. Shortly after I completed my iPod site, they changed to sequential order numbers(