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26-03-2005 16:08:04

This is such a newb question lol

Well I was reading about people being put on hold & sometimes for their yellow refs. Well I've submitted for approval twice and both time they rejected a referral. (I'm pretty sure that those people probably did something wrong or signed up twice) So I'm wondering if my last referral goes by this time, can they possible put me on hold? Or would they already have put me on hold when I ask for approval the first time if something was wrong.

I ask this, because I definitely have college campus signups (that never completed an offer). From the 3 that were from my school, 1 was rejected but I'm not sure why. Basically, if they were going to trip on these campus sign ups, wouldn't they have done it know? (Even though they definitely said it was okay when I contacted them when I first signed up.)