Question about yellows turning green, your experiences

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26-03-2005 15:33:11

Hi, I'm kind of new to this. I've got a freepsps account and under a review at I placed my referral link. So far I have had 20 yellow lights sign up. What do you think my chances are of 5 of these turning green? None have yet, but I hear gratis is slower than other programs. All email addresses look valid except for a couple. Should I continue to pursue greens for this or wait? Thanks for your help D


26-03-2005 15:43:00

before i found these forums. I was just signed up on freepsp and i tried getting referrals in chatrooms and stuff. Not only did it take forever to convince people that it wasnt a scam, but i ended up with 16 yellows and 0 greens.

I've found that its pointless to expect random people to finish offers. They dont understand how the system works and dont like the idea of having to complete an offer to get something that is supposedly "free." The people on the forums know the basics of how these sites work.

I'd say to keep trying because its doubtful that you will get 5 greens out of that. But on the other hand, even if you do get the 5 greens you might have awhile to wait before you get approved and i guess its just up to you.


26-03-2005 16:04:14

too bad, anyone have any good experience with blind referrals like that?

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26-03-2005 17:03:18

I seriously doubt that you will get all 5 referrals from 16 yellows. In my experience it averages about 1 green for every 20 - 25 yellows, however that is an average and not always the case. When I submitted fro approval on I had well over 150 yellows and only 5 greens.


27-03-2005 14:53:17

chatrooms sucks! they just hate on you all day long. But i did get 1 green out of that


27-03-2005 15:07:09

[quote7e8bd62519="jhennson"]chatrooms sucks! they just hate on you all day long. But i did get 1 green out of that[/quote7e8bd62519]

Yeah they do. It takes way too much time and you get basically no results. I think i was probably talking mostly to 12-13 year olds who dont even have credit cards anyways. A total waste of my time. Since then i have found more efficient ways to get referrals. Trades have worked well for me too.


27-03-2005 16:23:31

true!! so its really up to you guys if yall wanna try chatrooms, etc...learn from the experience


27-03-2005 16:56:08

when these sites first came out and started becoming more popular(way back in may '04, although i discovered them in july) i posted an ebay auction advertising my link. cost me 25 cents... got 9 greens in 4 days P


27-03-2005 17:00:18

damn that was fast, too bad i didnt listen to my friend before...i wasnt a believer at first but now i am, so now its a lil harder getting referrals


27-03-2005 18:43:52

i signed up when they 1st opend 18 or 19 feb i think through a buddy of mine for freepsps...i spammed everybody on my email list...talked to everyone i met as if i was a gratis spokesman...and ended up with about 30 referrals...a weeks later 2 went green...traded here for 3 more referrals...and at the same time...3 yellows that signed up last month went green...basically trading for no benefit for me...but glad i got freepsp out the way...processing since last friday...the 25th!


01-04-2005 12:31:42

Well, 2 of my "message board/chatroom" referrals just went green, for phreepsps so not too shabby. I've got my 5 but I'm going to see if a few more go green in the next week, maybe I can get one of the bigger packages with games/ memory card.


01-04-2005 20:49:20

how did you guys get greens so fast. to get credit for my offer it took me like 17 days! and im stuck with a ton of yellows and now greens in sight. The problem is lack of communication. i try to get them to email me when they sign up but no one ever responds.


01-04-2005 23:03:48

I have both sides of the coin on this one...

Back in late Sept 04, my link got posted to a high traffic web site. In 5 days, I had 32 yellows and 5 greens.

I did almost the same thing with my link, but instead of a high traffic web site, it was posted on a message board where ppl asked about the free ipod thing. I ended up with one green and 8 yellows. One guy even told me that he would have signed up, but didn't want to use his credit card, mailing address or phone number. He seriously thought all you had to do was sign up and you would get an iPod. I'm glad he stayed yellow.

If most ppl knew how easy it is to do an offer, we would all have more greens. And with cool offers like the $1 30 day (ie. Buyer's Advantage), they would go a lot faster. And I think some ppl would actually keep the offers, too.