Anyone Submit for approval week of 3/20?

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25-03-2005 14:28:24

I submitted 3/25 at 530pm EST for approval. My FreeiPods account is currently on hold but I figured after long thought..What the hell! Anyway we will see how soon my account is put on hold this time. LoL

Hopefully it wont be but we will see.

This thread hopefully will be used for a tracking of when everyone gets to the different steps of the process


28-03-2005 08:57:43


I am picking which one I want right NOW!! Wohooo!

Well I picked the Sony 19" to sell it.

3/28 Processing


28-03-2005 09:45:05

lol, yea basically if they hold one account its not likely they will for the others; if you havn't violated a serious condition in their TOS.