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Evan Grant

25-03-2005 11:47:48

I am trading for referals, I will sign up under you if you sign up under me, I am currentley going for the alienware area 51 at and need many referals.


I will go to any lengths to help you with yours, if you help me with mine, I cannot pay you, but I am hoping that there are SOME nice people on this board that just like helpin people out.


25-03-2005 12:00:22

read the rules b4 u get banned


25-03-2005 12:02:03

Yep hes banned. Edit it and ask peopelt o pm you.....


25-03-2005 12:06:08

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25-03-2005 13:20:39

Eww! He has gross man boobies. (sic)