Real Information regarding returning the shuffles

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24-03-2005 18:14:46

I asked my political science major roommate what he thought of the situation and he researched it for me. This is what he found

Unordered Merchandise

It is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act to send unordered merchandise through the mail unless it is a free sample marked as such or is sent by a charitable organization asking for, but not requiring, a contribution. Most states treat unordered merchandise as a gift. Persons sending unordered merchandise through the mail are prohibited from demanding payment, and [u0d9a1ab756][b0d9a1ab756]you have the right to keep the goods or to dispose of the goods in any manner you wish. Moreover, billing for unordered merchandise may constitute mail fraud and/or misrepresentation.[/b0d9a1ab756][/u0d9a1ab756]

Federal law also protects you if you accidentally order merchandise (you sign your name to accept receipt of samples of a product or you accept an unwanted package because of misleading language). You can return it without charge.

If you receive unordered merchandise that you find offensive or especially annoying, contact your local postmaster, the chief postal inspector in Washington, D.C., or the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. The FTC has nationwide Jurisdiction over deceptive, unfair marketing practices. However, it does not usually get involved in individual disputes or "annoyance mail." The postal service is the appropriate agency to contact if the material you are receiving is explicitly sexual and sent to minors or if it is not so labeled.

In situations involving defective merchandise where there is a pattern of complaints about a company, the FTC can intercede to compel the return of all customers' money or fulfillment of their orders. It is also a good idea to contact your local Better Business Bureau to seek redress.


I think we are fine. I'm keeping it.


24-03-2005 18:26:38

and i think you're an asshole

gratis is providing a service to get free merchandice and you have to be a dick and take money from them! it was a mistake and they are letting you send it back at no charge! don't be a dildo and ruin it for all of us. if you fuckers keep abusing the system like this, gratis won't be around much longer.


24-03-2005 18:44:32

Well, I'm an economics major so I'll go do some research and tell you what I think Enron should have done right. And then they should listen to me b/c Econ is my major.


24-03-2005 18:46:57

Enrons problem wasn't econ it was accounting thats why they shouldn't listen to you P j/p but it was accounting fraud not economics


24-03-2005 18:54:22

so, we've got legal precedent, and "since when did gratis become such a kind, benevolent, enterprise??" on our side...

I'm most definitely keeping mine.

blunt gun

24-03-2005 19:12:37

god, enough of these. who cares.


24-03-2005 19:25:19

I guess some people don't have MORALS[/size3065835828]roll


24-03-2005 19:26:49

Evidentally.. pretty pathetic.