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24-03-2005 10:33:29

Has anyone heard of the new ipod minis 18 hr battery life plus its now 6 gigs for 250 and the 4 gig for 200. We are getting the 4 gig with 8 hr battery life. Anyone have any good solutions to getting the 18 hr 6 gig without having to shell out any extra cash?


24-03-2005 11:21:49

Wait a few weeks if you're really hung up on getting one. Apple is phaseing out the old, 8hr 4GB version. Doubtful that Gratis will offer the 6GB, they go for the lowest-cost product. Hence why they only offer the 20GB right now.


24-03-2005 13:01:45

Lance, stop. I honestly don't think that Apple will release anything within her time range. They'll phase out the old 4GB in maybe 3 months. Do you want to wait that long?


24-03-2005 13:17:11

Umm... http//

4GB, 18hr battery life, now shipping...


24-03-2005 13:20:03

SORRY SORRY SORRY. I thought you said the 4G(eneration) 20GB. I'm terribly sorry, it's my fault.


24-03-2005 13:32:41

Nope, that's a ways off, you're right. Although I was just saying in a different thread that the 5th gen iPod (20GB or more) might be not as far off as people think...and they might be changing the looks to an all brushed aluminium look. Which would be totally cool, in my book.


24-03-2005 13:34:05

I have the 6GB 18hour mini now, and it's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. runs me a couple of days on one battery charge. i think this is the first time somebody didn't overestimate the battery capacity. definitely get the 18hour one if u can.


24-03-2005 13:35:52

photo has pretty accurate battery life to