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24-03-2005 06:24:59

Called Wal-Mart last night, and they had 20 available. Store opened half an hour ago, and they have only 8 left. I rang them up, reserved one, and they'll save one for me! For those of you who cannot go during work, try it out!

Mr Sofa Sets

24-03-2005 07:27:02

Fucking Awesome Pod! Thanks!


24-03-2005 07:32:06

Anytime ). I'm going with 2 other people, still deciding whether or not to purchase 3 PSPs (eBay!!!!!) or just the one for me. I'm pissed because I still can't get in contact with the PhreePSPs guy.


24-03-2005 08:34:10

I'm heading out in 20 minutes to get mine, along with my copy of Ridge Racers or Wipeout Pure. I don't know which to get. If PhreePSPs is really only sending out GameStop GCs, then WipeOut Pure is better because it's sold out at GameStop. Guess I'll just have to be spur of the moment (.


24-03-2005 10:32:41

I picked one up this morning on the way to work. Picked up Wipeout and Streets 2. I have unpacked it and hooked it up to charge, but have not yet had a chance to play with it.

It looks really freakin' cool out of the box. Plus I was glad to see that the earphones do not require some sort of proprietary connector. Only if you use the remote control.



24-03-2005 12:56:10

Picked mine up and bought Lumines. It was DAMN sweet. It's charging now. I'll be picking up Ridge Racers later on tonight. My Wal-Mart still had about 20 in stock at 1200PM, so I imagine they'd still have some....


24-03-2005 13:14:04

Hey, Podtopia,
Is Lumines a nice game? I read some great reviews, and I'm thinking of buying it as well as Ridge Racers and/or Wipeout Pure. Please let me know what you think of it.


24-03-2005 13:19:07

Yes, Lumines is good. It picks up quite slow, I wasn't enjoying it for 25 minutes. Then things started picking up, the soundtrack started to get addicting, and the changing backgrounds just mesmerized me. Great great game. I may go pick up Wipeout pure later too.


24-03-2005 14:54:54

PodTopia would you suggest buying one now and then selling the free one of ebay when i get god damn approved? or can i wait a few weeks?


24-03-2005 15:16:56

After being lazy, I decided to check what my luck is and try to buy a PSP today) Just got home from work, and I'll check the local shops, and I hope there is some small out-of-sight shop, which still has at least one PSP left, so I can buy it) I'll sell my "free" one later... i just want this NOW) As PodTopia said - I'll either break it even, or make a small profit, which is fine both ways;)


24-03-2005 15:38:25

Phbs, go to Wal-Mart if there's one near you. Just called mine for Pete's sake and they still have some in stock.


24-03-2005 19:05:40

Found (and bought!!!) one at FYE. This thing is amazingly cool) I expected much less, but Wipeout Pure and the Spiderman2 movie look amazing!