Finally, some new information! (bout time) :P

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24-03-2005 05:35:17

Okay so as some of you may know, I've been waiting on my cyberpower for a month now (it went stv on 2/25).

I've sent numerous service inquiry tickets into gratis, but have either gotten canned responses, or just flat out ignored. x
Eventually, I gave up on trying to find out through gratis, and went straight to Cyberpower. 8)

And after a few emails, they provided me with a tracking number! o

As it turns out, my PC should be here today!
It's already on the truck for delivery!

I will post picks as soon as I get it.
Stay tuned ;)



24-03-2005 06:23:56

hey congrats. i been processing since march 7th, the wait is killing me. So how did you contact cyberpower and what exactly did you say. i would like to do the same. thanks


24-03-2005 09:33:11

Don't bother contacting Cyberpower until you've gone STV.


24-03-2005 13:01:56

wood - how long til you went STV? ive been processing since march 9th, im hoping to have this pc within a couple of weeks


24-03-2005 13:38:24

I went from processing - STV in about 2 weeks. maybe a few days less.


24-03-2005 20:39:48

Don't get on Cyberpower's case too much. They'll only correspond with you to a certain extent before they'll say "contact Gratis Internet".

It sucks, but if you push, they'll remind you that you aren't the one who ordered the PC.... (


25-03-2005 12:14:24

Processing for over 2 weeks... Damn. I want my fake alienware computer!