iPOD not here after 7 months

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Diam0nd City

23-03-2005 21:53:07

Too make a long story short I went to STV on AUGUST 10TH 2004 and went to shipped somewhere in the begining of October...left with no tracking and an email of shipping conformation...my account changed to shipped. Ever since then I havent received my iPOD.

12/7/2004 64457 PM
customer service wrote

You should have it soon. We have been backordered but over 1500 are going out this week
(lilililililililililililililili@gmail.com wrote

My status has been at "Shipped" for over two weeks..my ipod has still not arrived......You guys diddnt even leave a tracking number for me and diddnt even send me a confirmation email that I have been shipped. Will I still get my ipod?

That was the last of what I heard from Gratis...is their anything I can do?

thomas moore

23-03-2005 22:02:04

you need to have some patience, it takes time , besides your getting this stuff for free, so just lay back and wait for it ... besides what can you do to change it? nothing. youll get your ipod just chill. wink


23-03-2005 22:04:57

UM WTF? August 10? You should definately have your iPod by now. They weren't that backordered

thomas moore

23-03-2005 22:06:40

just wait another year... youll have it soon wink good luck really though

Diam0nd City

23-03-2005 22:08:01

is there anyway to check to see if gratis even shipped my ipod


24-03-2005 06:17:19

Have you tried the "My order was shipped over 15 days ago, and I still have not received it." option in their help section? It's got a box in which to write them. I'd stay on them, and keep on them until they get this straightened out! Damn, I'm getting antsy and I've only been Processing since the 15th!


26-03-2005 08:30:37

august 10th? i bet it was lost in the mail


26-03-2005 10:27:27

wow. i'm surprised you aren't really badgering them and whatnot... they won't straighten it out unless you get on them.