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23-03-2005 20:43:15

I had a referral denied. It was my girlfriend. She applied and used my mailing address for her offer so I get why that was refused.

Then she tried again, different email account, her home address, but still got denied. This time, I assume it was due to the IP error.

We just tried a 3rd time, different offer, different email, same mailing address, but she did it from a different computer/ip. PLEASE tell me this will work. Waiting the week to hear now.

Was just wondering if anyone could tell me, once a name gets blacklisted once, do any new attempts with the same name, regardless of offer completion or address get automatically denied?

I understand their policy, but this is getting frustrating as my girlfriend IS indeed another person, living elsewhere, and has now completed 3 offers. She is legit and fills the quota.

What's the chance she'll get denied again just on the basis of her past denials? And if so, how can I get this righted with freeipods? Girlfriend or not, and regardless of if we messed up using the same PC to register her the first time, she has legitimately completed the requirements now for one of my offers.

Please advise, and thanks everyone.



24-03-2005 05:20:23

All you can do is contact Gratis CS and explain the situation. They take TOS violations very seriously. Using the same PC/IP is less of a problem than using the same mailing address -- that's a BIG no-no. I suspect they blacklisted her name from any of your offers, regardless of the address used, because to them it looks like you're trying to get around the first denial.

Just be up front and honest with them about it, and maybe they'll let her slide. But I wouldn't count on it. You should be looking for another referral to take her place. If you just keep trying like you're doing, you're liable to wind up on indefinite hold yourself...