I need help from someone that has recieved their LCD

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23-03-2005 19:19:38

I was wondering if anyone that has received any of the LCDs can give me the UPC number from the box (if you kept it.) It would be really awesome! Thanks


23-03-2005 22:19:59

lol. what are you up to?


24-03-2005 07:26:15

Uh nothing I just need the UPC codes


24-03-2005 07:36:06

LOL, uh, something if you need UPC codes...


24-03-2005 07:44:37

I work at a CompUSA and need the UPC codes to look up in our system. So that I can see if I can get a replacement on them. So in a year or so the LCD will mysteriously break and I can get one with a better refresh rate.


24-03-2005 07:56:33

Alright, then you have a valid excuse. Sorry for picking on you.