Gratis' Response to my Ticket

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23-03-2005 18:05:40

I sent them a ticket asking them about shipment and was wondering if I was included in the first batch of shipment. Here's what I got

Due to the dynamic shipping schedule of the PSP's, we are unable to give a definite time frame for delivery. Please be patient with us. Thank you.


23-03-2005 18:08:21

lol, thats what they told me the first time I sent one in


23-03-2005 18:08:42

LOL hahaha


23-03-2005 18:12:31

it's canned, keep sending CS tickets til you get a human

and ask them about approval for us waiting folk wink


23-03-2005 18:16:52

So generic roll


23-03-2005 18:17:54

well they just told me that exact same thing again today... so i just sent a nice simple one again that says, am i getting a preordred psp? if they respond in that same way i'll be pissed lol


24-03-2005 06:26:01

I'm stuck waiting til Saturday before I can complain about still being in "requesting approval" status. They say 5 business days and I requested approval last Saturday.

My guess is that Gratis didn't get any of the first shipment.


24-03-2005 06:29:29

All of you should just be patient gratis will get it out to you in due time. you people sending messages will only delay them from working


24-03-2005 07:09:03

he does have a point