FINALLY!!!! - kinda....

Live forum:


23-03-2005 17:49:09

I have 10 greens, but one is a known duplicate. I have one other person who signed up for the discover card about 10 days ago. i am still waiting for him to get credit, so i can request approval.


23-03-2005 18:22:35

requested approval with 11 greens. My little bro signed up at college, and gave me one more to compensate for the person who tried to use 2 accounts.


23-03-2005 18:23:46

not bad, good luck getting them approved, dam i should start getting referrals for this site, woot for 0 greens!


23-03-2005 18:30:51

Requested approval last Thursday with 10 greens, it's been 5 business days, and I'm not approved, sent them a support ticket.


25-03-2005 14:13:42

I just ordered it!!!! 1.5 days since i got my 10


25-03-2005 14:55:32

Yeah, I'd requested approval last Friday (the 18th) and finally got approved today. Order has now been placed and is processing. Woohoo.