what happened to all those trilegiant/advantage offers?

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23-03-2005 17:43:03

just wondering where all the advantage offer went!! usually one or two would not show up but then after a few days its back....but right now all trilegiant/advantage offers are gone!! wonder what happend??


23-03-2005 17:44:20

Um, they're gone!


23-03-2005 17:47:13

yeah.... ALL of them are gone!! hehe well do you guys think it'll come back? or did they pull it from gratis forever?


23-03-2005 17:50:39

My guess is that they're pulled forever...


23-03-2005 17:53:17

damn....seriously? that sux, my last referal was gonna do the travelers advantage offer for me! but its not there


24-03-2005 15:34:19

still hasnt changed!! hopefully gratis puts those offers back on