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23-03-2005 07:47:29

Does anyone know when we will go STV?

Mr Sofa Sets

23-03-2005 08:35:05



23-03-2005 12:18:08

Heh SofaSets.


23-03-2005 13:13:16

Well that bites...I hope I go STV soon!


23-03-2005 13:15:33

lol damnit i just read the rest of teh suck sofasets! PP


23-03-2005 13:15:46

[quote158b31aa0b="glacier505"]Well that bites...I hope I go STV soon![/quote158b31aa0b]


Mr Sofa Sets

23-03-2005 14:32:11

[quotead3ae329c8="glacier505"]lol damnit i just read the rest of teh suck sofasets! PP[/quotead3ae329c8]

lol...I know


23-03-2005 14:33:18



23-03-2005 16:36:26 had me going..i totally thought you were STV.

Mr Sofa Sets

23-03-2005 16:42:12

lol, I posted that joke yesterday and left the filename as "Photoshop_joke.gif" but nobody really noticed it. Pretty funny I think, kept me entertained all day. And no, I'm not STV.


23-03-2005 17:43:23

Hopefully, they'll go STV soon, FOR REAL. That's what people on GearLive are saying, and they generally know their business. Let's hope they're right.


24-03-2005 13:32:03

lol you had us going Softsets..+1 karma for you P

Mr Sofa Sets

24-03-2005 14:18:52

[quote6892a77afe="glacier505"]lol you had us going Softsets..+1 karma for you P[/quote6892a77afe]

Thanks Glacier! No-one ever gives me Karma cry


24-03-2005 14:21:52

Sure they do )

Mr Sofa Sets

24-03-2005 15:48:43

[quote79e7fc20a9="Stroid"]Sure they do )[/quote79e7fc20a9]

lol Stroid, hmmm that's funny wonder where that came from? wink



24-03-2005 18:03:13

I saw the name, but wante dthe joke to stay alive ;)

Mr Sofa Sets

24-03-2005 21:02:10

[quote2e906ec87d="DCJoeDog"]I saw the name, but wante dthe joke to stay alive ;)[/quote2e906ec87d]

You the man! I appreciate that, I was wondering if anyone even noticed that. I left it like that specifically so people would realize it.


24-03-2005 21:08:32

arghhh! I want some kind of info from Gratis I hate how they just leave everyone no knowing, i mean how hard is it to write a paragraph e-mail to send to everyone that has ordered and have it say if you went processing before blah, you get one soon otherwise have fun waiting! I mean atleast we could know if we should buy a spare one or just wait! I know I sound like a lil bitch but jeeze its not that hard.


24-03-2005 21:32:28

you are right, it's not hard at all, but gratis has very bad management, but whatever, apparently if you dont kiss gratis' ass you are either a dick,ass or as you stae it, a lil bitch. lol


24-03-2005 21:35:02

lol, i mean how hard is it to copy and paste a list and then send an e-mail??? Gratis probably doesn't even have any e-mail addresses on their domain lol


24-03-2005 22:18:42

if they did someone would have found it and spammed it all over the net by now LOL


25-03-2005 06:11:28

Yeah. I mean, it's very nice to get all of this stuff for free, but I'd like a timeframe. OC gives you a timeframe.