Anyone had ANYTHING happen with their FIP accounts lately?

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23-03-2005 07:31:23

I've noticed in the past week or so, that I haven't seen anyone saying that they've been approved, or STV or basically anything that qualifies as progress towards getting that much-coveted iPod. Since, say, 3/10, has anyone gotten approved? I know no one has gone STV, I know of at least one person who's been waiting since 3/8, but it seems like Gratis has ground to a halt! ?


23-03-2005 07:56:53

Several of us have mentioned getting approved yesterday, 3/22. I submitted on 3/11. I'm hoping it doesn't take the 4-6 weeks to ship like their CYA e-mail says, though...


23-03-2005 08:02:04

I was approved on the 21st and submitted for approval on the 10th.


23-03-2005 08:07:13

Well, I guess that goes to show you how closely I'M paying attention! At least the bowels of Gratis are churning...I'd love to go STV sometime soon...


23-03-2005 08:32:28

yes!!!!!!!!!!! as the antsy person processing since 3/8, i want to go STV already!!!!!!!! ive submitted 2 CS requests, one got the auto answer and then i replied back on monday and still waiting for a response (besides the "we'll get back to you asap" one that is sent immediately).



23-03-2005 10:38:07

Yeh my account was approved today. Hopefully they will STV soon its been 2 weeks since the last STV! I submitted for aproval on the 14th