battery problems?

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22-03-2005 23:44:46

ok so i finally got my ipod last week(3/11) and im having major battery problems alrdy...i havent got it to work longer than mayb 6 hours(i did what the apple site says by playin an album on loop), i have the backlite and EQ off..also, last nite i charged it up completely, unplugged it and let it sit on my nightstand, and when i woke up i turned it on, it was still showing full battery, and started listening to it on the way to class...well within 15minutes the battery had dropped to half way, and slowly fell for the next couple hours, and was completely dead by 4(so thats 1030am-4pm, and NOT continous, so only like 5hours playtime max)...anyway, is it fucked up and will they fix it for me for free or whats the deal? there a number to call or can they help me at the apple store?


22-03-2005 23:45:55

o and also, does it use more battery to just do "shuffle songs" and listen to everything on there randomly?...will a playlist increase battery life?


23-03-2005 08:01:30

did you get Apple Care?


23-03-2005 09:48:27

is that the $49 package?...i mean i dont have anything yet i just got the thing


23-03-2005 10:44:36

lmao. looks like you got a bad iPod

try contacting apple and see what they say about repairing/fixing it..

you get a warranty, my iPod photo comes with a 1yr warranty.


23-03-2005 10:53:19

I probably got a bad iPod but I don't care, I'm not gonna listen to it 12 hours at a time. Mine only goes for about 5 and then dies. (


23-03-2005 12:41:30

i haven't tested mine.. but i'll never listen to it 12-hours straight.


23-03-2005 19:02:45

yea i dont need it 12 hours either, but id like to get a decent lasting one, i jus took it into the apple store today, theyre gonna test it and call me tomorro, an dif its bad i get a new one free-D