I want this more than anything else since my first ipod.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=9424


22-03-2005 20:29:41

I haven't been this excited about getting something for free since I had my freeshitcherry popped.

Anybody else [i15b7e5aab8]that[/i15b7e5aab8] pumped about this thing?

If not what were you more excited about?


22-03-2005 20:49:11

this as long as im in the first shipment


22-03-2005 21:00:52

I'm more excited about this than I did with the IPOD. I really wish I am in the first batch of shipment.


22-03-2005 21:01:57

when did you go processing pavilion?


22-03-2005 21:31:37

I think I went Processing on March 7th. (


22-03-2005 21:34:35

hmm, i'm feb 25 and they still haven't responded to my customer service ticket to let me know if I am or not


22-03-2005 21:41:23

does anybody know when the 2nd shipment will be? I am pretty sure I missed the first one since I'm still waiting for approval.


22-03-2005 21:44:45

I doubt I'll be in the first, Processing since 3/3 ;)


22-03-2005 21:46:07

^^, Yeah, I somehow doubt I'll be in the first shipment too. Been processing since 3/7 (


22-03-2005 21:56:25

i will be once i get my 5th and get approved (


22-03-2005 22:01:59

I can honestly say I'm more excited about this than I am either iPod I'm getting.


22-03-2005 22:04:10

second shipment I heard is like early april but then after that ur screwed for a WHILE cuz europe has to get some, they've already be juiced becuase we needed more


23-03-2005 00:05:59

I'd say I'm pumped about this one. Its the first Free site I've even finished. And I started a FreeiPod account back when those started.

BTW, my understanding is that 1st shipment is Mar 24th (obviously), 2nd shipment is around April1st or the following week, and 3rd shipment is mid to late April. No word how it is beyond that. This is what my local EBWorld told me since they are currently doing preorders for the 3rd shipment.