What should i put in the cs when i request approval?

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22-03-2005 19:55:18

Ok so tommorrow or the next day im going to request approval but last time i did i was put on hold because the refferal was put on hold i was then taken off hold and the refferal is still on hold - i got a new refferal but idk what to put in a cs ticket to make sure nothing bad goes on


23-03-2005 07:25:32

The last time I requested approval, I asked them to review my account, and the accounts of the two referrals which were having the on hold - off hold problems, very closely. I also stated that there had been some issues with keeping them off hold, and that a close inspection of both their and my CSI's (hehe, get it? CSI?) would explain the problem in greater detail.

I think it was the request that my account be scrutinized EVEN CLOSER than they had been that got me approved. I had just previously to requsting approval put in a ticket basically asking why there was such dificulty getting those two approved. Got a human response, which was nice, basically stating that they realized that there had been some dificulty getting approval, and that they made note of that fact in my account, hopefully it won't happen again.

Hope that helps!


23-03-2005 10:31:49

I sent in for approval ounce, and my one referral was put on hold, then taken off. I sent in again, and he was put on hold, and then taken off. AFter that i sent in a customer service ticket asking to be manually approved, rather than their automated system. They responded and said they dont do that (which I know they do), but they said the appropriate notes were put on my account, so that issue would not happen again.

So, I would just send one in, asking if they would please manaully approve your accont, and then, you will probably get the responce I got. But then, if you or your referral gets put on hold again, you have a hell of an argument.