Using the same people at multiple sites

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22-03-2005 18:07:59

Do you think I'll get put on hold if i use a couple of the same people at flatscreens that I used at ipods? What about if they all complete the same 1 or 2 offers? Anyone get in trouble for this?


22-03-2005 18:09:29



22-03-2005 18:43:53

Nope, you're fine. I don't know if they'll get credit for the same offers, but they won't get put on hold.


22-03-2005 22:45:43

This is just what I also thought of when I read this post. What if all of your referrals are from your family? Same last names but different addresses, phone, IP, etc. I just thought of three family members near by that would complete my offers on freeipodshuffles, but it seems so good its almost wrong lol


23-03-2005 05:19:36

Some have had trouble with family referrals, especially when the same name was used. One other poster here had his mother's referral disqualified and he was told by Gratis that he could NOT use his mother's referral -- even though he didn't live with her. They're very wary of walking family members through referrals so I would avoid it if at all possible. Otherwise get ready to write a bunch of CS tickets and recruit more referrals from outside the family.


23-03-2005 18:48:57

I've used three of my same last name family members on and they were all counted. Could this possibly be a Gratis problem? I have never completed a Gratis site, but my OC site went very smoothly and offers went through fast. I'm finding that Gratis is a little slower with giving me credit for offers at times. So maybe I could try the family member thing with OC first to see.


24-03-2005 20:28:48

i used my mom and my sister, same last name, different addresses for and it worked fine, i am in the processing stage, can they do anything about me once i reach that?


31-03-2005 23:24:30

Thanks for the info, it's good to know it all in advance.